Shawn Lyon is a Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist/composer specializing in composing music for Film and TV.

He moved from a "small" town in Idaho to Los Angeles to study music at Musician's Institute with a focus on guitar and composition. After graduating, he spent the next few years writing, recording, and performing in many bands. During the "band" years, he also started working as a composer for commercial projects. He composed music for clients ranging from Lexus to the NFL Network. Thriving in a tight deadline oriented field, and being completely consumed with writing music to picture, he ventured into film.

Shawn has always being inspired by film, and film music. To really be engulfed into the industry and learn the basics of the art of film making, he took on many roles in a film crew. He composed, acted, filmed, and edited for student and indie films; very humbly in all regards. But through these experiences he did learn how a movie evolves from a script to the screen and it was an invaluable way to learn more about the industry and how music relates to it.

He is known for his score for the hit show "Talking Tom and Friends" as well as his frequent collaborations with indie directors Chris Chung ("Soho Jimbo", "Handuken") and Phillip Berg ("Voices").